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Homemade, Yummy (and Healthy!) Popsicles

It's summer in Texas and it's hot. I'm pregnant in the summer in Texas and so it's more like unbearably hot. I'm super over it already and it's still just early June. Plus since summer in Texas lasts until Halloween, I really need to suck it up and get used to...

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Turkey, Sweet Potato and Apple Breakfast Hash

Okay, there is nothing that says you can't eat this for lunch, dinner or a snack at anytime.  I'm just calling it a breakfast hash so that the post title doesn't look ridiculous.  "Turkey, Sweet Potatoes and Apples" just doesn't sound very exciting.  This is one of my...

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Salmon Veggie Bowl (AIP, Whole30, Paleo, Keto)

For the last four months, we've been dealing with a non-working oven on our stove that is less than two years old.  This isn't a low end stove either, our previous homeowners nailed the kitchen renovation and I'm so glad they did (because I would have hated to do it...

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