The Canary Society Free Facebook Group

Real Health. Real Food. Real Friends.

The Canary Society is a FREE Facebook group for women that are overwhelmed by all of the information out there on how to be healthy or raise a healthy family. How do you sort through conflicting nutrition information or navigate the fear of making the wrong decisions regarding your family’s health? How do you know what information is correct or what will work best for you? What can you do to reduce your or your loved one’s chance of developing one of the chronic health conditions that are becoming more and more prevalent? A simple decision like what kind of soap to use on your baby can be so hard these days! This group helps solve these common struggles. We are here to support you and provide resources that help you make the best decisions for you and your family in terms of clean eating, safer products, and an overall healthier lifestyle. We also include some yummy recipes, favorite product recommendations, freebies and group exclusive giveaways for fun!

We are are on a mission to help women and their families be the healthiest they can be and to ensure the health of our future generations. We really hope you’ll join us!