When I set out to create my health and wellness consulting company, one of my main goals was to provide carefully crafted weekly meal plans for my clients.  Meal plans that could be tailored for those that are following a paleo diet, a higher fat diet or even a more restrictive Whole 30 style diet.  I also wanted these meal plans to be easily customizable for those with allergies.  Every time I sat down to create these meal plans, I was quickly overwhelmed trying to consider all of the various customizations I would need to provide for my clients.  THEN, I stumbled upon the most amazing program…..wait for it.

REAL PLANS.  Yep.  My dream meal plans have already been created and they are part of a program called Real Plans that is available right now.  No more having to wait for Darien to get create an amazing meal plan for you.  It already exists.  You are welcome.

But seriously.  Let’s discuss how amazing this tool is.   (If you aren’t in the mood to read my review, or are like my mother and don’t have your “readers” handy.  Then check out this cute little video to see Real Plans in action.)

Real plans is a meal planner that allows you to make custom, allergen-free, REAL food meal plans without stress and hours of planning. This is seriously the best invention since sliced….bacon?  If you are new to a paleo or whole food lifestyle, then this tool is key.  You wont be overwhelmed searching Pinterest and hundreds of blogs looking for new recipes while trying to learn how to just eat real food.  You’ll see how many delicious options there are for you versus getting stuck grieving all of the things you “can’t” eat anymore.

What you get with Real Plans:

  1. Customized meal plans for your unique diet (allergy friendly – woohoo!)
  2. Nutrition data for your meals
  3. 1,500 recipes from some of my favorite paleo and whole food bloggers
  4. A grocery list you can use in the store so that you don’t forget oen of your main ingredients (like I do ALL the time)
  5. The free mobile app – access your meal plans and shopping list at the store
  6. 24/7 support from the Real Plans Team

What you get from me (as always!):

  1. Through my consultations, we identify foods that you should avoid based on your current goals.
  2. Assistance in finding Real Plan recipes to replace beloved meals that you just can’t imagine giving up but might not be helping you get healthy.